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I’ve spent over a decade teaching mindfulness to my clients. I myself am not one to sit on a pillow, breathe deeply, and meditate for 30 minutes. I don’t know if I could sit still for that long! And neither are my clients. Instead, I teach my clients how to incorporate mindfulness into their daily activities as one tool in their toolbox for managing their anxiety and stress. There are many different ways to incorporate the practice of mindfulness into your daily life. The goal is practice noticing when your mind is everywhere else except in the present moment. For example, when I keep rehashing an argument with a friend, my mind is in the past. When I keep worrying if my project is good enough, if it will get done on time, and if it will need any revisions, my mind is in the future. When I am focused on simply describing and observing what I am doing in the present moment, I am practicing mindful awareness. This practice will help you notice a lot of your own mental blocks as you start to see just how often your mind drifts to criticism, worry, and stress. The good news is once you can identify your mental blocks you can now start busting through them. Clients in the Living Well Blueprint program learn how to incorporate mindfulness into their active lifestyles and receive guidance on making the mind set changes they need to stress less and achieve more. For more details on how to use mindfulness to combat stress check out my interview at Sweety High.