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Just the right amount of stress is actually good for you. It energizes you and motivates you to get stuff done. Instead of sitting on the couch and binging on tv the right amount of stress can move you to action. To study for that test, prepare your notes for your presentation, or starting writing that report. Stress can help you be alert and look for the solutions to the challenges in front of you. If you’ve ever heard (or used) the phrase “I get my best work done under pressure,” then you have experienced the power of good stress. The problem of course is when this good stress turns into bad stress. This happens when the stress lasts for too long or increases in its severity. The bad stress will often lead to procrastination, avoidance, and burn out. Learn to recognize the signs of your good stress and the warning signs of when it is starting to turn into bad stress. For more about the different types of stress check out my interview over at Sweety High. For more tips and tricks to better manage your stress, check out my Stress Relief Personality Quiz here.